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Fashionable newspaper, magazine bags and design items created from meaningful memories that express attitude, life position and personality.

VALUES:  Upcycling. Sustainability. Personalization. Uniqueness. Responsibility. Support to art.


Sigita Truksane


Handbags are made from real newspapers and magazines, that are coated with protective layers. Coating makes them strong, water proof and resistant.

Do you know how many newspapers are sold daily? 56 millions. Only 30% of them are recycled. Our solution is upcycling - effective usage of old unnecessary newspapers and magazines creating from them handbags and interior design items.  

We have 2 product lines. BASIC is upcycled bags made from old newspapers and magazines. EXCLUSIVE is personalized, made from customers newspapers and starving artist handpainted. 

We support starving artists who are painting products; we are paying fair reward for their work, popularizing them and organizing planers and exhibitions.

All items are handmade in our workshop in Riga.

Personalized handbags

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3wk upcycled Ltd,  

Designed in NYC, USA

Made in Latvia, whatsupp +1 917 6793100 (US), +371 29497786 (LV),

Bajaru iela 21, Riga, Latvia LV1006

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